THE FIRST 100 YEARS 1893–1993

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La mano — Hellmuth fa impazzire Cates! Nell'edizione del "King of the Hill" andata in scena nei giorni scorsi, Phil Hellmuth ha avuto la migliore su Dan Cates e Doug Polk, portando a casa Hellmuth ha sconfitto prima Polk e poi Cates, riuscendo a superare alcune situazioni particolarmente complicate. Dal flop al river.

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On 9 MarVar speculated that Cruise lost interest in the project because its morals were not in keeping with his newfound religion, the Church of Scientology. However, Harrelson pulled out of the contract 23 Aprclaiming that he could not trust director Jeremiah Chechik for the MGM film. As stated in production notes from AMPAS library files, the filmmakers scouted more than seventy locations over the course of nine months during pre-production. Principal photography began two weeks later with shooting in the casino between the hours of four a. After a month in Las Vegas, the production moved to Southern California. Although a Christmas opening had been discussed, Lyne was allowed a five-month post-production period, completing the film roughly two weeks before its opening, as stated in a 29 Mar Orange County Register item.

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Modern sources add Dick Curtis to the cast. Braden offers to buy Brett's saloon, but Brett replies that he will not let Braden cheat the people of Lordsburg the way he does the citizens of Socorro. Soon after, Rapp takes a drunken Buddy's gun for safekeeping and returns to his hotel to drink himself to sleep, but the moment he leaves, Buddy grabs dancing girl Clare. When Harry tries to throw him out, Buddy grabs a gun and shoots at him, and Harry is forced to kill Buddy in self-defense. Meanwhile, Rannah Hayes is dropped at the hotel by her father, Jebb, who calls her a Jezebel. The scene is witnessed by Braden, who offers the lovely girl a job at his casino, which she spurns. Hours later, Rannah listens through her albergo room wall as the Ferrises attempt to revive Rapp so he can help them win a dawn duel against Harry, Vince and Brett in revenge for Buddy's death. When the sun rises, Rannah and Clare both watch as the duel begins.