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It takes a short time to go from Belo Horizonte to Pampulha, however it is possible to have a quick outlook about the urbanization visible appearences of the Mineira capital city, since the end of the Nineteenth Century — when it was created as a foundation town with the typical North American city outline — until today. Starting from the centre, you firstly follow the city main street, the Avenida Afonso Penaa kind of spine of the original foundation orthogonal system. It leads throughout the Parque Municipal the town parkwhose tropical plant variety often biwilders European visitors. Leaving the centre, landscape changes, attenction is captured by the great infrastructures especially by the traffic ones. These traffic places are not solely crossed by cars. Depending on time during the day, and even on many other incomprehensible in my opinion events, more or less great crowds walk throughout the streets, sospension pedestrian crossings, meanwhile traffic flows clash with the slow walking of people. Moreover there is Pampulha, the great lake at first created for the city water supplies, now it extends for about 18 Km perimeter, stud with tourist and pastime activities.

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